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Reduce Leg Fatigue, Improve Balance & Carving for SUP! Add the 24″ Gigante Disc to the Indo Board Original Package

Maui SUP Wave & Downwind Action

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INDO Board Demo Day Zancudo Lodge Costa Rica with Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui

INDO Board Demo Day at the Zancudo Lodge Costa Rica with Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui

January 5, 2011 – Reporting from the most beautiful SUP, surf and fishing spot in Southern Costa Rica, The Zancudo Lodge!  Owner, Gregg  Mufson is hanging ten on the INDO Board as he and the crew prepare for the surf rolling in this week.  I’m here introducing the team on how The INDO Board is great workout for everyone, especially those entering SUP to advanced paddlers.

We have all the gear from INDO Board, including the new Gigante to challenge beginners to the hard core SUP’rs and surfer alike.  Gregg, Yvonne, Sloan, Elle, and Di all participated in an afternoon of learning, laughs and some thigh-burning fun. I can tell their addicted and promised them, after this workout we’ll all be ready for any water action tomorrow!

We started the morning on a mellow, slower surface. Next we graduate to the beach to hard pack sand for some faster action and more fun.  In such a short time, everyone got their groove on and was hang’n on the nose. I challenged them to an upper body challenge which Gregg, Di and Yvonne immediately worked up a small sweat with the plank and one leg lifted behind them, alternating at 5 – 10 second intervals.   Below, Gregg is performing the advanced plank with one or both feet behind him, on a Gigante disc.

The Gigante disc is the newest platform training tool for INDO Board, that inflates up to 12 inches that achieves the 4-way action intended for those who want to enhance their SUP or surf performance.  We placed both discs under Gregg’s surf board and what a ride. Inflate it more and hang on!

It’s my favorite piece of equipment in my studio at home. I also use it for clients just recovering from major hip or knee surgery as a rehab element. Today we’ve kept the inflation to 6 inches as my willing participants start their training.

Then down to what I call the core bug.  This move is in the prone position requiring glutes and the upper scapular region of the shoulder blades to work in unison as we seek the most stable position. I recommend keeping the head in a neutral position. I also suggest to keep breathing smoothly and hold the position for 15 – 30 seconds.  Rest, then repeat 5 times.

In addition to this great core exercise, by placing the INDO Board board directly on top the Gigante, together we performed leg burning same side lunges, for a count of 5-10 each leg. 

Gigante sitting came last where Yvonne, Di and Elle gracefully sat on top of the Gigante as feet and hands stayed off the ground lending to an extreme, deep core constant, contraction! Well done girls.

You can tell we’re having too much fun. I can’t wait for this spring when I host my STAND UP For Women’s Health and Fitness in April, here at the lovely Zancudo Lodge ! All the gear is here and so is the fun.  For more information go to: http:www.suzietrainsmaui.com/events.  This lodge is like staying at the Four Seasons. From warm waves to a cozy robe in your room, excellent food and gracioius staff, to healthy, to amazing food prepared fresh everyday. 

Thank you Chip and Hunter at INDO Board, for sending these boards and discs over. Gregg and the others are on their way to be SUP stars. Also a big gracias to Gregg and the Zancudo Lodge for hosting us and the SUP clinics with the other trainers this spring!

Pura Vida and Aloha!

Suzie Cooney, CPT  Suzie Trains Maui      Follow Suzie on Face Book:  http://www.facebook.com/suzietrainsmaui

 photos by Marvin Ortiz

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