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Maui SUP Wave & Downwind Action

Waves are a force of nature like no other. Susan does a superb job to illustrate this and more. A great read!

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More on the Core: SUP Stronger and Increase Paddle Power for Naish International and You

More on the “Core”

For Stronger Stand Up Paddling
by Suzie Cooney, CPT of Suzie Trains Maui and Naish Team SUP Rider.

photo by Naish: Suzie Cooney

By now you’ve hopefully worked into your training routine some of the total body exercises I designed specifically for stand up paddling; to work everything, including your core and hope you’re also working on your leg strength. In this series I’m going to ramp up your core work and take you to a higher level of core training for SUP. You will REALLY notice the difference as you train for the waves, flat water and downwinders. Without a strong core, your paddling will suffer. I have so many core exercises to show you, so please always check back here.Remember the core is defined as “everything excluding the extremities” also referred to as the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex. Think of the core to be where you gain that extra stroke, that extra glide to the finish or into next wave. It’s what connects you to the rest of your body and stabilizes your each and every move from head to toe. Some people think, oh the core is my abs. Incorrect! There are many muscles that involve the core and my number one target of the muscles are the glutes (butt muscles) and the deep internal and external obliques and can’t forget the low back muscles as well. We’ll keep it simple for now.

These exercises are challenging. Do your best and progress slowly as so you don’t lose your good form.

Training Note: It’s your choice if you wear shoes or not, or if you train on an unstable surface such as the beach (which is more challenging). I try to train barefoot so that I can mimic the feel of the board. If working with weights, be careful not to drop them on your feet! Everyone’s training needs and experience will vary, so the number of sets/reps you perform is up to you. Typically, if you are just starting out, try 1-3 sets with 10-12 reps each, making sure you are always in perfect form.

Equipment: INDO Board Gigante, BOSU, stability ball, TRX Rip Trainer, medium/heavy resistance tube
Progression Variables: two legs to one, stable surface to unstable surface, forearm plank to pushup position
Exercise 1: Simple Prone Plank with Progressions

Property of Naish International and Suzie Cooney

To see all of the exercises for this article go to: http://www.naishsurfing.com/sup-fitness/

Suzie is available on the island of Maui for private training and SUP Instruction/ Modeling /Clinics & Events. Inquiries: email  suzie@suzietrainsmaui.com
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