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Reduce Leg Fatigue, Improve Balance & Carving for SUP! Add the 24″ Gigante Disc to the Indo Board Original Package

Maui SUP Wave & Downwind Action

Waves are a force of nature like no other. Susan does a superb job to illustrate this and more. A great read!

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Naish Captures The SUP World with Two New Boards That Perform and Please the Ladies: The Alana Series

Naish 2012 Alana 9.5 and matching carbon paddle

I have the pleasure to add to my quiver of Naish boards the two new 2012, gorgeous,  high performance boards designed to grab the attention of those who appreciate fine quality, great lines and wow, shaka throwing graphics. This one featured here (left) is called the Alana. It’s designed for women as it’s easy to carry too. Dimensions: 9’5″ x 31″ x 4″ 3/4   The construction is a sandwich wood composite.

This three fin or tri fin board compliments the already extensive line of 36 boards manufactured by Naish International, based here on Maui. If you want stability, effortless wave riding this board rocks it.  The pad is very comfortable and the kick-tail pad is handy when you’re carving deep on larger waves.

Second in the line up of the Alana series is the way cool, single fin, 10’10″ by 32″ wide super stable great all around board for strapping on snorkel gear, dry bag and can also impressively handle the waves. I couldn’t believe how well this board tracked and allowed me to paddle 13 times or more on each side. This board is perfect for first timers, those seeking a smooth elegant ride. Check out Robby Naish in the video below as he explains all the features!


I think Naish has done a fine job bringing these boards to the forefront of the stand up paddling world that gives women what they want. Ease of use, fun wave riding or cruising and exploring with friends and family. The Alana Series is beauty and versatility.

If visiting Maui, you can rent these and try them out from the Naish Maui Pro Center located in central Maui on Hana Highway. Call them at 808-871-1500. Or go to their website here:

 Thanks for stopping by and if you’d like to post your comments, questions, please feel free! We’d love to hear from you.

Suzie Cooney, CPT owner of Suzie Trains Maui
Naish Team SUP Rider  I also ride the 14′ Glide, 9’0 Hokua & 9’0 Mana.

Also, check out my SUP Fitness Articles written for Naish. Keep in tip top SUP paddling shape: http://www.naishsurfing.com/2012/lifestyle/sup-fitness.html

     For more info on SUP training, events, clinics, people, friends and of course more Naish stuff, go to my other website:

Stand Up Paddling Fitness



3 comments to Naish Captures The SUP World with Two New Boards That Perform and Please the Ladies: The Alana Series

  • [...] Gear & Board Reviews: The Alana Series featured here is oh so lovely. Don’t let the frills or flowers fool you. These two high performance boards are delivering waves of fun and miles of exlporations!Follow @SuzieTrainsMaui // [...]

  • Linda Thomas

    Suzie Cooney let me demo the Alana 9.5 stand up paddle board. I took it out in 3 different conditions. The first was a little choppy. The board did well and I could balance fairly well on it until the wind came up and, being a beginner, it was a little difficult for me. The second time was on flat water with no wind and I loved the way the board handled. It was stable and turned well. The third time was at Kanaha in glassy conditions with a little bet of swell and the board was great. Would love to own one of these boards.

  • Suzie

    Hey there Linda! Glad you like the board. Yeah, that board does it all. And, it just looks good on the beach too! No, but you’ll start to really enjoy entering waves on it and be able to cruise and see the whales on the Wailea side. See you on the water! Aloha, Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui

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