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Reduce Leg Fatigue, Improve Balance & Carving for SUP! Add the 24″ Gigante Disc to the Indo Board Original Package

Maui SUP Wave & Downwind Action

Waves are a force of nature like no other. Susan does a superb job to illustrate this and more. A great read!

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NEW VIDEO  December 2013 
How to Bring More Power Directly to the Blade:

How to Increase Your SUP Power Strokes and Balance Training Tip

How To Catch Every Wave, Bump or Glide:


Suzie Cooney All Rights Reserved 2013NEW!! SUP Training Video Adding New Dimensions to Your Stand Up Paddle Performance:
Link to full technical training article: 

Stand Up Paddling Exercises to Increase Performance and Recovery Video: 
 Link to article: http://www.standuppaddlingfitness.com/?p=3998

SUP Fitness Training Video: Exercises for Stand Up Paddling to Help Avoid Common Injuries and Overuse Issues:

SUP Fitness Training Video:Stand Up Paddle Total Body Workout with Suzie & Suzie
Featuring training client, Suzi Tucker.


A Simple Training Tip For SUP to Maximize Leg Strength and Endurance Click here 

Open Ocean Endurance Radio Segment with Suzie Cooney Click here

Stand Up Paddle Training For Every Condition and Every Season  Click here

Balanced SUP Training to Help Prevent Injury Part One Click here  ( Part two is video above  7/4/2012)

How to Increase Your Paddle Power:

How To Increase Your Paddling Power

This has been a full summer of paddling for sure, whatever your style: downwinders, flat-water, waves or the Moto X of SUP: SUPCross. I’ve been getting lots of emails from you as you improve your SUP skills and increase your strength. That’s awesome! I’m glad the SUP-specific fitness tips I’ve designed for you are working and will continue to help you each and every session.  By now, your core, legs and upper body are getting stronger and you are learning the fine dynamics of building your strength specifically for stand up paddling. So it’s time to go to the level of power here. In these exercises, we’re not only going to engage our core to the highest degree, but I’m going to give you the power to learn how to get the most of each stroke so you can really turn on the juice!If you haven’t read my earlier series on combining balance with upper and lower body endurance, I recommend you add this article to your SUP training tools. Click here for the article:UP your SUP Performance by Combining Upper Body Paddle Endurance with  Balance and Core Training  I’d like to add a special thanks to my Naish teammate, Dave Kalama, for really hammering home the concept of reaching with everything you’ve got. Thank you Dave! He’s absolutely right. So now that we all have that ingrained in our minds, let’s see what it feels like to reach with more power.

Up Your SUP Performance:

Suzie Cooney for Naish

Whether you’re new to the sport of stand up paddling or preparing for an exciting Maui Maliko downwinder, having upper body paddling endurance and excellent balance will get you through the deepest troughs, maybe help you pass a competitor or help you enter bigger waves and swells with extra confidence and success!

I like to be as efficient as possible when training, so combining the two is perfect. The following exercise is just a sample of what you can do to get stronger, develop faster reflexes, increase the rapid firing of your finite muscles that stabilizes your larger muscles, improve your timed runs and possibly reduce fatigue and/or risk of overuse injuries.

It’s well known that SUP requires the entire body to perform and respond in unison. You’re never isolating one muscle group at any given moment. As you paddle, your entire shoulder complex, upper/lower back, feet, ankles, knees, hips and core (everything excluding your extremities) are executing each short or long stroke in a smooth, connected motion. Conditions can and do change, so adding some balance work is also a huge plus. I totally can tell that when I balance train, my reactions are sharp and quick.     READ MORE HERE

Building Your Dynamic Core for SUP:     Want to explode your paddling core strength? You got it.

These exercises require that you understand how to engage your core muscles both before and during the entire set. You become the stabilizing factor as you perform these movements. Also, I’d like you to pay close attention to the tubing or TRX Rip Trainer cord so that it is always taut and under tension throughout the entire series. I call this “time under tension”.  If you “let go” of this concept, or your core, you won’t benefit fully from this workout.

To see all the photos and exercise progressions, click here.

Strong SUP Legs for Flat Water, Waves and Gliding Power:

Stand up paddling on flat water, waves or riding a board like the 14? Glide and catching a 50 yard glide, requires your legs to be strong together and independently.

I’ve written articles before on leg strength, but I want to get really specific here for stand up paddling. These exercises are designed to demonstrate techniques to use your own body instead of machines to achieve your goals, allowing your body to become the machine and your arms and legs to be powerful and stay in control.

  Stabilizing and Balance Exercises: READ MORE HERE 

Power Exercises for your Legs:

Buoy turning, catching 300 yard glides down Maliko or dropping into bigger waves requires power to stick that turn, drop in  the trough or help dig in and pass that competitor! These exercises require a very good base of fitness, so take it easy at first!

This powerful exercise can be a great cardio blast too. You can increase the difficulty by changing the speed or height of the box or platform you are jumping to. I suggest not standing too far away from the box or too close; about 12 inches away from the box seems to work well. READ MORE HERE.

More on the “Core” for SUP:

By now you’ve hopefully worked into your training routine some of the total body exercises I designed specifically for stand up paddling; to work everything, including your core and hope you’re also working on your leg strength. In this series I’m going to ramp up your core work and take you to a higher level of core training for SUP. You will REALLY notice the difference as you train for the waves, flat water and downwinders. Without a strong core, your paddling will suffer. I have so many core exercises to show you, so please always check back here.

Building your core with Suzie Cooney and the INDO Board Gigante

Remember the core is defined as “everything excluding the extremities” also referred to as the lumbo-pelvic-hip complex. Think of the core to be where you gain that extra stroke, that extra glide to the finish or into next wave. It’s what connects you to the rest of your body and stabilizes your each and every move from head to toe. Some people think, oh the core is my abs. Incorrect! There are many muscles that involve the core and my number one target of the muscles are the glutes (butt muscles) and the deep internal and external obliques and can’t forget the low back muscles as well. We’ll keep it simple for now.

These exercises are challenging. Do your best and progress slowly as so you don’t lose your good form.  READ MORE HERE

Stay tuned for more! Meanwhile, up your SUP performance and get on board with INDO Board. To get started, you can get the Gigante disc, and I suggest the INDO Board Kicktail.  I will show more later!  Also, I’ll be adding more TRX training tips with the Rip Trainer. Wow, what a cool piece of gear as well. Combine the two, look out paddlers.

Stand up paddling will change your life, this I promise. If on Maui and want to train with me, I’d love to meet you! I also offer my SUP expertise for beginners to advanced paddlers. To learn more of my up coming SUP Clinics and other training tips,  get on our confidential mailing list:


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