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Reduce Leg Fatigue, Improve Balance & Carving for SUP! Add the 24″ Gigante Disc to the Indo Board Original Package

Maui SUP Wave & Downwind Action

Waves are a force of nature like no other. Susan does a superb job to illustrate this and more. A great read!

Cool Jewelry by beachgirlmaui


Maui SUP Surf Maliko Downwinder with Suzie Cooney and Dual GoPro Cameras

MAUI, Hawaii: June 8, 2012 For those who’ve wondered what it’s like to paddle out of the Maliko Gulch to the Harbor, well here ya go! Be sure to watch whole thing to see “what happens…”

Turn up the volume, sit back get inspired and see the action from two GoPro Cameras mounted on the Naish 14ft Glide. Full throttle…


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Mahalo to GoPro, Naish, IndoBoard, Kaenon and Jon Ham and Jeremy Riggs for inspiring me.

Aloha Suzie Cooney, CPT Owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC

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Announcing at Lumeria Maui Suzie Cooney on Water Sports Specialist Team

Suzie Cooney, Maui Hawaii

Lumeria Maui is pleased to announce the addition of two professional athletes to our watersports faculty. Legendary surfers Suzie Cooney and Buzzy Kerbox will be spearheading the Lumeria Maui watersports program, offering classes in surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, wind surfing and kite surfing. Visitors may sign up for classes to enhance their stay at Lumeria and on Maui.  Experience the “sport of kings”!  Please see our watersports page for more information about our watersports classes and activities!

Sign up for Suzie’s May 2012 Stand-Up Paddling Fitness Experience at Lumeria Maui! Limited space is available! More information can be found here.


The Suzie Cooney Stand Up Paddle Fitness Experience at Lumeria Maui May 2012

Aloha ladies! We invite you to our exclusive luxury, stand up paddling health and fitness experience on the worldwide SUP island destination Maui, Hawaii.  Four (4) women will enjoy tropical warm waters, personalized SUP coaching and instruction, expert fitness training, organic meals prepared by Chef Ben Diamond, massage, yoga and premium products representing the SUP lifestyle, while staying on the beautiful N. shore at Maui’s new stunning and tranquil retreat center, Lumeria Maui.

Listen here to Suzie’s radio show about the experience.

  “Suzie Cooney combines imagination, inspiration and perspiration. She’s a one-of-a-kind waterwoman; a brilliant and patient teacher. Oh, and she is also a complete badass, which is the highest compliment I can possibly give.” —Susan Casey, bestselling author and editor in chief of O, The Oprah Magazine.

If you’d like to reserve your space, please contact us by submitting your information here. It it required each guest have some SUP experience and is comfortable in the ocean or large bodies of water. Once your registration is complete and approved, you will receive more detailed information.

SUP Experience Prerequisites and More Information : Click here.

To visit the website of Lumeria Maui go to: www.lumeriamaui.com 

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Naish Captures The SUP World with Two New Boards That Perform and Please the Ladies: The Alana Series

Naish 2012 Alana 9.5 and matching carbon paddle

I have the pleasure to add to my quiver of Naish boards the two new 2012, gorgeous,  high performance boards designed to grab the attention of those who appreciate fine quality, great lines and wow, shaka throwing graphics. This one featured here (left) is called the Alana. It’s designed for women as it’s easy to carry too. Dimensions: 9’5″ x 31″ x 4″ 3/4   The construction is a sandwich wood composite.

This three fin or tri fin board compliments the already extensive line of 36 boards manufactured by Naish International, based here on Maui. If you want stability, effortless wave riding this board rocks it.  The pad is very comfortable and the kick-tail pad is handy when you’re carving deep on larger waves.

Second in the line up of the Alana series is the way cool, single fin, 10’10″ by 32″ wide super stable great all around board for strapping on snorkel gear, dry bag and can also impressively handle the waves. I couldn’t believe how well this board tracked and allowed me to paddle 13 times or more on each side. This board is perfect for first timers, those seeking a smooth elegant ride. Check out Robby Naish in the video below as he explains all the features!


I think Naish has done a fine job bringing these boards to the forefront of the stand up paddling world that gives women what they want. Ease of use, fun wave riding or cruising and exploring with friends and family. The Alana Series is beauty and versatility.

If visiting Maui, you can rent these and try them out from the Naish Maui Pro Center located in central Maui on Hana Highway. Call them at 808-871-1500. Or go to their website here:

 Thanks for stopping by and if you’d like to post your comments, questions, please feel free! We’d love to hear from you.

Suzie Cooney, CPT owner of Suzie Trains Maui
Naish Team SUP Rider  I also ride the 14′ Glide, 9’0 Hokua & 9’0 Mana.

Also, check out my SUP Fitness Articles written for Naish. Keep in tip top SUP paddling shape: http://www.naishsurfing.com/2012/lifestyle/sup-fitness.html

     For more info on SUP training, events, clinics, people, friends and of course more Naish stuff, go to my other website:

Stand Up Paddling Fitness



Indo Board Training Equipment for Stand Up Paddle Training For Every Condition and Every Season

Kevin Vangritis of NCarolina and regular Maui visitor paddles in very cold conditions but also trains in his home studio on the Indo Board Balance Trainer

With winter conditions here on Maui or on the mainland, from super big waves to brisk chilly mornings on a lake you need to keep your legs strong and fine tuned even when conditions may interrupt your stand up paddling. Keep those paddling skills sharp and hop aboard the Indo Board Balance Trainer.

As owner of Suzie Trains Maui, Naish Team SUP Rider and Indo Board Team Rider, I’ve written many articles  ( see links below ) on stand up paddling fitness for all levels and I’m a huge advocate for functional training, as it is the most important part of your balanced approach to better paddling. This kind of training is also known as proprioception training or brain training where basically we are training the brain to fire immediately in the right order, the correct nerve impulse to the appropriate muscle in all plains of motion.

If you’re just getting started in SUP and you’re stoked about how your body is transforming so quickly, don’t lose that loving feeling of seeing a new lean and ripped body, when the weather turns sour. You can keep it real simple and that’s why I recommend to get the Indo Board Original Packagein addition the 24 inch Indo Board IndoFLO Gigante‘ Cushion to create your paddling training indoors.

The Indo Board Balance Trainer will improve your core strength, tone and strengthen your legs, and really improve your balance and reaction time. It’s simply astounding how I notice a difference from land to ocean. I can tell when I’m off or on and it relates so much to my cross-training in the studio.

In addition to the Indo Board Original Package that includes:

  • 30″ x 18″ deck, available in Natural or Multi-color finishes
  • 250 pound maximum weight limit
  • 6.5″ diameter roller
  • 14″ diameter polyvinyl IndoFLO® Balance Cushion (mouth inflatable)

Suzie is training with one Gigante disc under her 9′ Naish Mana

I also recommend for real SUP action, the 24″ inflatable  Indo Board IndoFLO Gigante‘ Cushion designed with SUP in mind to capture that 4 way water action from land to water. Sometimes I’ll even put two under one board with minimal inflation and wow, it’s crazy! One disc also offers the feeling of paddling down a wave. Check it out!

(side note: you may want to take out fins as not to rip out the fin box)

There are many uses for the Indo Board IndoFLO Gigante‘ Cushion and I’ve got lots of video coming in the New Year that will show you exactly how I do it.  ( see below for additional training articles on the  Indo Board IndoFLO Gigante‘ Cushion)  For example, just by sitting on the Indo Board IndoFLO Gigante‘ Cushion and holding an 8 lb medicine ball will really get that core and abs to fire up. Also by putting your toes on the Indo Board IndoFLO Gigante‘ Cushion  and then assuming a plank position, from one leg to two, look out! This photo of me was taken for article I wrote for Naish International  for my SUP Fitness Page, Called “More on the Core”.

I had the pleasure of training my good friends (pictured above )Kevin and Jenney Vangritis from North Carolina. They really dug the live-like feeling they got when we were all training in my studio. I was preparing Kevin for a Maliko run and he wanted to do and know absolutely everything and best prepare his body.  He’s a racer and now his studio is filled with the Indo Board Balance Training gear and he’ll be rock’n it ( when it’s snowing outside). He paddles in all extreme conditions and had some fun with me this past November:

Here, besides surfing in the studio, Kevin is learning how to perform a plank with hands in push up start position on Indo Board roller and board. To control board left to right he really has to engage his entire body and core muscles. To advance this move, he can lift on leg a few inches off the ground, and hold for 15 seconds then switch.  Joining us was his lovely wife who also paddles, Jenney! She is simply sitting on the Indo Board IndoFLO Gigante‘ Cushion and wow her abs and core are work’n. Later we tossed a 4 lb medicine ball while I was on the other one. Great fun, great training. 

The core Bug

 I also introduced to them the sensation of sky diving, or what I call “the bug”. It requires you to contract your glutes or butt muscles, lift your chest up off the Indo Board IndoFLO Gigante‘ Cushion, while keeping your head down or in a nuetral position and then squeezing your shoulder blades nice and together and this offers a killer core exercise.  The bug! You can make more challenging by holding 3-5 lb dumbbells in  your hand and increase hold time.

 I have also included in this photo the Indo Board Kicktail which offers a very sassy training platform and allows you to really strengthen your feet, ankles, knees and up to the core and  hips. I like to switch my stance from goofy to regular and then feet side by side. In this photo I’ve included a 15lb kettle bell held at the top of shoulder to add more force production down to the disc. A KILLER workout on the legs. This same exercise can be achieved nicely with the Indo Board Original Package. I’m just lucky to have all the toys! This is a simple loaded squat. To add to intensity, hold your squat, increase weight, deflate disc.

In this exercise I’m holding a 4lb medicine ball in the surf stance with the Indo Board Kicktail, arms extended on top of the Indo Board IndoFLO Gigante’ Cushion  .  Here you can practice your strokes with a ratio of like 3:3 and change the tempo and time yourself for several 30s or 1 minute intervals. Increase challenge by adding heavier medicine ball, squat lower, reduce disc inflation, or if you’re really brave ( advanced only ) close your eyes. WOW.

 It’s really endless of all the incredible exercises you can do when the weather is cruddy, or if you simply want to mix up your current routine. These exercises are fantastic even if you don’t surf or SUP.

 This equipment featured here by the Indo Board Balance Trainer company is designed to increase your enjoyment while at the same time provides an incredible training platform to perfect any specialized sport. I also use this gear to help my clients who are post op from hip or knee surgery along with the guidance from their physician. The low impact offers great stabilizing training for the major joints.  It’s easy, or incredibly challenging. Your core, legs and arms get an amazing workout and it’s never ever the same. 

Kevin & Jenney in Suzie Trains Maui Studio on Maui They rocked the Indo Board training gear and now are all set up in their home studio in NC. Great Maliko run Kevin. Keep those bodies strong!

I love to introduce my clients and you to the new way to train or to add to your current routine to keep you on the water longer. Building your body also builds your mind. Your mind is the key to your best performance. This is the ultimate in physical fitness conditioning for SUP or stand up paddling and surfing.

Share and care when you’re out on the water and don’t let a day of snow or extra big surf interrupt your training and fitness goals!

Here is where you can get your Indo Board Balance Training Equipment. Also, here are additional links to other SUP Fitness Articles you may find helpful that include the Indo Board Balance Training Gear:

 The Importance of Balance Training

SUP Fitness Tips & Articles  

No matter where you live, what kind of paddling you enjoy cross-training like this is fun, challenging and can be performed by anyone at any fitness level. You will notice a great improvement not only in your paddling but in your everyday activities. Functional training is taking the world by storm like SUP and is not really new, it’s just becoming more accessible. The family of boards and rollers and disc offered by the Indo Board Balance Trainer company is sure to change your life, like SUP. Training can be fun!

Stay tuned for 2012 for my new short HD videos that will show you how I train on the Indo Board Balance Trainer!

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Aloha and paddle strong,
Suzie Cooney, CPT  of Suzie Trains Maui  See you on the water and on your Indo Board!


At 6:00 am on Saturday morning, I was driving towards Kihei, admiring a spectacular plum-colored sunrise over Haleakala, and trying to imagine what to expect from a “Beach Fitness and Paddle Challenge”. Having ultimate faith in Suzie Cooney, I knew that whatever it was, it was going to be FUN.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw the Naish/Cooney crew already in full swing setting up tents and flags, marking off big areas of Mai Poina Ole

photo by Tracy Kraft

La’u Beach with pylons for fitness stations labelled mysteriously “Zig Zag” and “Taco Roll” (huh?). At 7:00am, the paddlers began to roll in. Men and women of all ages and fitness levels showed up to participate. The Naish Maui Pro Center was on hand to demonstrate the latest SUP boards and paddles, and TRX and INDO Board had their own stations to showcase some SUP-related cross-training equipment.

After an intro speech from the ever-enthusiastic Suzie Cooney and a special guest appearance by 2x SUP Surf World Champion, Kai Lenny, we were off to the starting area. The airhorn sounded and 55 paddlers charged into the water with boards and paddles in hand. Although it was a non-competitive event, that didn’t stop everyone from trying their best and pushing themselves through the course. Around three buoys, back up to the beach, on your knees through the “Crawl” station (butt down!), up again, run side-to-side in the “Zig-Zag” station, down again, on your bellies for 10 “Pushups” (real ones!), up again, flop down to the “Taco Roll” station for a horizontal roll down a 10m stretch of flat beach (nope, it wasn’t a sushi-eating station, sigh) and then back up again to do the whole thing…all over again.

Suzie grins when she remembers the day: “I’ve never seen such a sight in my life. People covered in sand, almost puking and still smiling!”.

It was fantastic. Everyone had a blast of a time, made even more special by a raffle draw of some amazing prizes. This was my first “Beach Fitness and Paddle Challenge” and, I have to admit, I’m hooked. Can’t wait for the next one!

Thank you Suzie Cooney and Nitsan Solomonov & Dave Wissink from Naish for putting the day together. Thank you to all who participated, both paddlers and volunteers. You guys made it such a special event. Aloha!

- Christy Stesky, Naish International   See article on Naish here.

Check out more of Suzie’s SUP Fitness for Naish here: http://www.naishsurfing.com/2012/lifestyle/sup-fitness.html

See lots of photos and other write up: Naish & Suzie Trains Maui Delivers FREE Unique Stand Up Paddle Fitness Challenge as One to Remember.

Naish & Suzie Trains Maui Delivers Unique Stand Up Fitness Paddle Challenge As One to Remember

Maui, HI., Saturday December 3, 2011 was the place to be as a very entertaining, free, unique SUP ( stand up paddle ) event took place in North Kihei’s Mai Poina Ole La’u Beach Park, where participants were greeted with mild, calm conditions and a small south swell. The purpose of the event was to allow those new and experienced  to the wildly, ever-growing popular sport of stand up paddling also known as “SUP”;  participate in a very interesting and challenging fitness beach course and ocean paddle challenge.  ( photo galleries and sponsor info below )

Kai Lenny!

The event  attracted over 55 participants men and women and was hosted by Naish International and Suzie Cooney, fitness specialist, Naish Team Rider and owner of Suzie Trains Maui. To wow and inspire the crowd local Maui resident and recently crowned 2011 SUP World Champion, and Naish Team Rider, Kai Lenny also demonstrated his skills on the water and then

Suzie and Kai

showed off his nose riding techniques atop of the Indo Board gear that was available for people and the public to try. In addition to the Indo Board demo by Suzie Cooney and Indo Board Team Rider, Leighton Nakamoto , a TRX Fitness Rip Trainer demo was also conducted to show how it can be incorporated into one’s stand up paddling fitness training.

Suzie Cooney TRX Rip Trainer Demo

Stand up paddling is drawing great attention world-wide but is also helping people of all fitness levels to embrace a more healthy lifestyle. This non-competitive event was designed to challenge, inspire and bring people together in an environment that offered something different than racing without any pressure. The mission of Suzie Cooney and Naish and all of the wonderful volunteers was to provide a fun venue that offered a sort of bonding experience through a little literally, heart pounding action.

The course: 3 buoys in a triangle format marked the water action as a mass start began at the sound of a horn! Off to the first buoy paddlers were met by Maui’s own downwind champion, Jeremy Riggs who cheered and helped people navigate, some for their first time ever near a buoy, around turn number one. Then as paddlers began to spread out with some of the more experienced paddlers, such as Donnie McGean, Bill Hoffman and a few more in front,  it was time to land on the beach and begin the crazy fitness obstacle beach course that consisted of 4 stations with volunteers to cheer, encourage and assist if needed.

Donnie, crawling left, writes, ” As for the funniest moment it had to be trying to stand up and run after the taco rolls.  As for what I enjoyed the most, it was meeting new people that were interested in SUP.  My goal is always to give 100% and still have fun. As for what I found inspirational, it was that some of the best in the SUP world came out to help and share their knowledge and love of the sport.  Thanks again for a great event.”

Donnie On the beach, participants hopped off their boards and ran to station number one, a 20 foot long  by 8 foot wide crawl area. Here people had their own unique strategy and style as they crawled, dove on their bellies or some on all fours under yellow caution tape.  Then up to their feet to run a zig-zag cone course, then drop immediately at the pushup station where Coach Leighton Nakamoto, resident of Makawao made sure people did 10! Boy,  was he tough!

The most spectacular entertainment of the day, was the sandy taco roll. Here, immediately after the pushups, participants had to drop and roll for

taco rolling

about 20 feet while trying not to get dizzy or roll into the ocean. Tommy Callan, creator of this station cheered and helped people up to their feet and guided them to the two Naish flags where one then had to run through and then run or jog back down the beach to get their boards and hit the water for one final lap and then one final spin through the course.

Although this was marked as a non-competitive event, one had to take notice of Maui’s Donnie McGean who managed to stay in front and finish in the lead. My other buddy and downwind training partner, Bill Hoffman of Pukalani was hot on his tail and finished 2nd. Everyone finished and everyone at this event were winners. Anyone who could simply finish this grueling course deserves a round of applause. I’m totally proud of all of them. People were laughing, grunting and looking at me with the look of  “you’ve got to be kidding”, but they kept going. It was great. Continue reading Naish & Suzie Trains Maui Delivers Unique Stand Up Fitness Paddle Challenge As One to Remember

SUP Fun Beach Fitness and Paddle Challenge on Maui December 3 2011 Hosted by Naish International & Suzie Trains Maui

Hey Maui Guys and Gals!

  COOL Sponsor Prizes         SUP Training Fitness Demo          Naish 2012 Board Demos

M A U I: Saturday 12.03.2011 Naish & Suzie Trains Maui Presents:

IMPORTANT EVENT INFORMATION: Parking: Please carpool, unload boards safely. This is a NON-Competitive event, ALL levels of paddling and fitness welcome.  Arrive early, registration begins at 7:00am – event cap 75 participation.

Paddle off those holiday meals and come join the fun and see what you’ve got!  Bring your board and bring your grrr, for the first of its kind beach fitness and SUP challenge! This non-competitive, co-ed event will put you to the test from the sand to each buoy turn. Demo the new Naish 2012 SUP boards and learn some new training tips for SUP with Suzie Cooney, Naish Team SUP Rider and Maui’s elite trainer. Indo Board & TRX demos.

Awesome raffle prizes! (must be present, participate and registered to win )

Date: Saturday, December 3, 2011

6:30 am – Drop off boards at drop of station near bathrooms (we highly encourage car pooling – parking limited)
7:00 am – On site registration, sign waiver, receive wrist band, register for prize drawing (Participant Cap, 75)
8:15 am – Indo Board & TRX Demo Suzie Cooney
8:45 am – Skippers meeting, challenge and course review
9:00 am – Challenge Start!

All levels of SUP experience welcome in this FREE EVENT!

Location: Mai Poina Ole La’u Beach Park, S. Kihei Rd., Maui

Course Map & Challenge Description:

Mass start for all participants. Paddle around each buoy counter clockwise for Lap One. Hop off board and run to first of (4) four fitness challenge stations and complete each fitness challenge. Then, run back to board and complete final lap and then back to beach for final beach fitness challenge. You are encouraged to give it your all!

Stick around to try out the new Naish 2012 SUP boards, cool down and maybe win some awesome prizes offered by our generous sponsors: Naish International, Suzie Trains Maui, Olukai Premium Footwear, Indo Board, TRX, Kaenon Polarized Eyewear, Waterman’s Applied Science and clothing from Maui Rippers!

Need to rent a board for the event?  Call the Naish Maui Pro Center: 808.871.1500SUPFUN Map


Balanced SUP Training to Help Prevent Injury Part One by Suzie Cooney for Naish

( Article written by Suzie Cooney, CPT for Naish International ) Direct link, click here.

Stand up paddling is no doubt taking the world by storm, and while you don’t need to be in the greatest shape to paddle, you’ll soon discover the benefits. As you begin to improve your technique, experiment with new gear and maybe decide to enter a race or wave competition, it’s a good idea to learn how to train in a balanced way to prevent injury so that you can enjoy paddling even more and stay on the water.

As the sport continues to evolve, and as a trainer who specializes in educating people how to paddle stronger and better improve their performance, I’d like to share with you first an overview of some of the known complaints and injuries that I’m seeing and helping people manage. I’ll also share with you many training strategies designed to help you better approach your SUP training in a balanced manor as a way to avoid injuries.

This article is part one of a two-part series that will illustrate a more in-depth review of the anatomy and how your muscles function while you paddle and how injuries might occur. Part two will be the actual exercises and training approach I recommend to help recover from some of these injuries and/or avoid them.

I’ve also gathered some helpful insight from one of our Naish Team Riders, Karen Wrenn, on how she trains to help her better perform. In addition, I’ll be highlighting another paddler, Kevin Vangritis from North Carolina and new racing competitor and long distance paddler, with his personal story and struggle with a unique injury and how he’s managed to come back on the water.

Common SUP Injuries

Overuse injuries and strains from SUP are common and include mostly the muscles of the shoulder and/or rotator cuff muscles, the knee joint, foot and ankle and low back. It’s good to have a knowledge base of the anatomy and function of each group so you can better adapt your SUP training to avoid these injuries. There may be more to mention, but in my practice and I too have experienced things such as a nagging bicep tendonitis issue in my right arm and on occasion after long distances over 20 miles, my traps (trapezius) have cramped a bit and my feet have fallen asleep.


photos by Simone Reddingius

Injuries that are more common where there are waves are fin lacerations to the extremities and face, paddle handles giving bloody noses (mine), and leash wrap-arounds I call them, that can cause sprains to fingers and other body parts from wrapping around you after a heavy wave wipe out. Also, as these boards are much heavier than surfboards for example, if you get hit in the head you could suffer a good blow or even a concussion. In addition, some super heavy hold downs at some of the bigger breaks can wreck havoc on your back and lower extremities.

Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Injuries:

SUP3Stand up paddling works a lot of muscles and is well known for being a great core workout. It also requires a lot of work from the stabilizers of the shoulder girdle. The paddle stroke is a combination of medial rotation and abduction (of the top hand). The deeper rotator cuff muscles included are the supraspinatus, subscapularis, infraspinatus and the teres minor. This requires the work of the subscapularis, latissimus dorsi, pec. minor, pec. major, and teres major along with deltoid and supraspinatus to lift the arm up. The bottom hand is mostly stabilizing to transfer the rotation of the trunk to the paddle the muscles used to stabilize are mainly latissimus dorsi rhomboids, triceps, and middle fibers of the traps.

One client complaint was that of a burning sensation radiating from his elbow up to his shoulder and down to his hand, and another, with numbness radiating down from his shoulder through his pinky finger.  These can be common nerve entrapment injuries with chronic tension and overuse of certain muscle groups.

Rhomboid & Trapeziums Strains:

SUP4The rhomboid muscles interact with and help support the shoulder blade. Your trapezius (also referred to as your “traps”) are the connective muscles from the neck to the head of the humerus or top of the shoulder, and are responsible for stabilizing your neck and shoulder while you paddle. These muscles require a great deal of endurance. This is also where we tend to hold our stress and the area that can fatigue and cramp up on long distance races. I often hear of muscle fatigue and recently of a tear of the rhomboid as described by Kevin Vangritis. Read more of his experience and how he recovered:

Kevin Vangritis is a friend of mine from North Carolina and is just getting into SUP racing. Over the summer, Kevin was training for a big 50+mile-long distance SUP crossing in Chicago (with Windy City Waterman and Matt Lennert). Prior to the race, he was helping a friend with an exercise and felt a pop near his right scapulae or shoulder blade. At the time, he thought that to simply take an anti-inflammatory and ice should do the trick.

I should note that Kevin is in amazing shape and has a very consistent, well planned and executed training and paddling routine, so this was a bit of a surprise. Kevin is also well versed in the field of sports orthopedics as he assists surgeons and medical teams and knows the anatomy which is also helpful when recovering from an injury.

He writes, “Over the next couple of days, I began to develop a large knot in my trap as well as radicular pain down my right arm into my hand, which was my major concern. This is a classic sign of a herniated cervical disc. The knot began to limit mobility in my neck. Our endurance paddle of crossing Lake Michigan was fast approaching, and I had to come up with a plan to get better. Continue reading Balanced SUP Training to Help Prevent Injury Part One by Suzie Cooney for Naish

SUP Training in the Suzie Trains Maui Studio is Waterman Matt Lennert from Chicago

Matt Ripp'n with the TRX Rip Trainer!

Introducing Matt Lennert, long distance  and wave SUP paddler, SUP event director, windsurfer and surfer; stopped in for an all-on SUP performance tune up with me in my studio during his recent visit to Maui. He was up for any challenge, that’s for sure! I threw medicine balls at him full speed while he managed to amazingly hang onto whatever training apparatus I placed him on top of.

His sheer determination and already a finely tuned athlete;  he was on top of his training game. Wow! He performed well this day and left with a good sweat.  Unfortunately the conditions for a Maliko Run were not up to par but we’ll have to try again Matt when you come back with your family!

I see a strong SUP future for Matt as he returned home to share with us his adventure on Maui: http://windycitywaterman.blogspot.com/2011/10/suzie-trains-maui.html

Matt, come on back anytime and we’ll hit Maliko!
Aloha, Suzie Cooney, CPT  owner of Suzie Trains Maui

Suzie is available for fitness training for all levels and SUP coaching.