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Reduce Leg Fatigue, Improve Balance & Carving for SUP! Add the 24″ Gigante Disc to the Indo Board Original Package

Maui SUP Wave & Downwind Action

Waves are a force of nature like no other. Susan does a superb job to illustrate this and more. A great read!

Cool Jewelry by beachgirlmaui


VIDEO Stand Up Paddle Training Tip: How to Bring More Power to the Blade

This exercise for stand up paddling is designed to increase your total purchase power from your entire shoulder complex directly to the blade of your paddle. It also engages and strengthens your entire core! RESULT: Maximum stroke power!

This exercise is GREAT for surfers too and is for all levels of paddlers.
Suzie Cooney, CPT
Suzie Trains Maui, LLC
SUP Naish Athlete

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Boss Man of SUPRACER.com In the Suzie Trains Maui Crib

Sometimes you just don’t know who’s coming to Maui until you get the call or text. This time it was the Boss Man himself, Chris Parker of SUPracer.com. With a little fire and fear in hisSUPracer.com-160x160[1] eyes,  he had no idea what to expect especially when I introduced  him to the “Ring of Fire” , the Indo Board Gigante Flo Cushion along with the TRX Rip trainer; with a workout all designed to make him even a better stand up paddler.

The trepidation is common but easily put to ease when someone steps into my SUP stoked out studio. You see Chris is often on the other side the interview and this time we laid down two sessions to make him shake and quiver but all in all it was good times and heaps of fun!

Here’s a quick shot of Chris getting his game on as he learns to load his body to down through his hips for more leg power on the Indo Board Pro Kicktail Board atop the Gigante Flo Cushion with a 15lb kettle bell.  Right away he got it as our goal was to slow the shaking down and get real focused. This was one of the many things he loved.


I’ll let  him tell you the rest here, in his article on SUPRacer.com: http://www.supracer.com/suzie-trains-maui/

To get your SUP legs going and to learn all the stuff Chris learned in our two sessions, I offer SKYPE training via the internet in any time zone.  This is a blast and very effective if you can’t hop on a plane to Maui. In the mean time if you really want to improve your stand up paddling performance, get the gear that I train with, the IndoBoard Gigante Flo Cushion, and my favorite combined with the Pro Kicktail board. Then let’s train together virtually. I also have awesome videos you can watch on my website here at http://www.standuppaddlingfitness.com/sup-videos/sup-fitness-tips/#.UjekgBa6Xww

Alright Chris, thanks again for coming to Maui and it was fun paddling Maliko with you!


Suzie Cooney, CPT

Owner of Suzie Trains Maui

You can contact Suzie through this website for professional SUP instruction, coaching and training.

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Kody Kerbox is 2013 Naish Gorge Stand Up Paddle Challenge Champion

Kody Kerbox wins Naish Gorge Challenge 2013 photo by Richard Hallman. Check out his website http://www.freelanceimaging.com

There is a saying, it’s not the challenge you face, but how you face the challenge. And that’s what Kody Kerbox did this past Saturday August 17th, at the 2013 Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge, in Hood River, Oregon, where he finished 1st in the elite men’s 8 mile downwind stand up paddle race.  Victory found him the following day as he blew up the challenging course race as he placed 2nd in the ( his words ) most “brutal” upwind course. His time was so good in the first race it placed him first overall for the entire event! Champagne was flowing. Elite results




photos courtesy of Gorge US Photo: http://www.gorge-usphoto.com

Yes, I am beaming and very proud as one of his circle of mentors who has seen him grow stronger and wiser with each year, each race, each huge wave or whatever comes his way.  He is on fire!

Kody Kerbox is just coming off a strong, finishing second in the prestigious Molokai to Oahu, where he paddled for his first solo crossing, July 28th, 2013 and finished 32 miles in 5:26:21 and 9th overall.  This year’s crossing was considered the most challenging in ten years with heavy head winds to the finish and a ridiculous backwashing current some are still cursing.

An example of how Kody used his brain power over this daunting, treacherous stretch of water, he told me, “I just kept my head down and didn’t look for the island, I waited until the island came to me.”

Continue reading Kody Kerbox is 2013 Naish Gorge Stand Up Paddle Challenge Champion

Have You Ever Met A Paddling Paniolo? Meet Tricia Buti an Amateur Champion Cutter and SUP Racer

TriciaButiBoy Howdy!
This is
Powerful paddler and Amateur Champion, world ranked cutter is what we call in Hawaii a real panilo.

I didn’t know this, but time in the saddle ( literally ) translates to an amazing new stand up paddler. It wasn’t until I had the pleasure of meeting Tricia Buti who came to Maui real recently to take a SUP coaching session with me; did I learn that to be able to manage the power of such an amazing animal, a cutting horse you have to have incredible balance to look so graceful while you herd a head of steer.

Both sports SUP and cutting horses require balance, courage  and strength. Learn more about this courageous gal from the great North West who has been through quite a bit. With determination and a strong will, she is now doing more than every and feels that SUP has helped her in the saddle.

I told her there would me no herding me, but I’m always open to learn new things. She opened my eyes to a whole other world as I watched her on the water, so strong, so focused with a special fire in here eye. Get ready world and the state of Washington! Meet Tricia:  ( in the photos of her below, she mentioned this day was a brisk 40 degrees)

SONY DSCBy: Tricia Buti

As a competitive horseback rider, being in sync with my horse with impeccable timing is what brings a big score and the win. Cutting horses have an innate ability to read a cow and mirror its moves, with very little help from the rider. In cutting, the horse and rider cut a particular cow out of a herd. Once the cow is moved out front, the rider then puts their hand down and is no longer able to cue the horse via the reins, and can only use their feet to cue their horse, and their seat to signal stops. The horse then mirrors the cow and keeps it from returning to the herd. Perfect sync results in high scores.

In this highly specialized sport with many amazing equine athletes to compete against, you cannot become complacent and expect to be a repeat winner. After many successful years on my 19 year old quarter horse Lil Lighting Rod (Rodney), two car accidents in a four Continue reading Have You Ever Met A Paddling Paniolo? Meet Tricia Buti an Amateur Champion Cutter and SUP Racer

Brian Coppedge's Downwind SUP Training and Fitness Blog Entry Two

Brian Coppedge rocks the Indo Board at his Suzie Trains Maui sessionLast week, we introduced you to Brian Coppedge of Haiku Maui, who was taking on the challenge of learning to SUP. Read all about his first experiences here. Brian has been hard at work (and play) this week and has more insight to share!

“Week of one of my SUP training is now in the book that means it must be time to bare my soul to all of my new friends. I was excited to get in the water on two back to back days this week and really saw a marked difference in my confidence and basic board handling skills. I can already see that my biggest challenge to meeting my goal by the May 12 event is going to be carving out enough time in my week to make sure I have ample board time.

I think the best way to approach covering this past week is to break it down into two parts; Part 1 “Water Training” and Part 2 “Land Training”

Part 1: Water Training

My partner Max and I headed out to a beach in Kihei near the 5 Palms Resort. The weather was perfect, sunny, fairly glassy conditions with just a little bit of wind to mix things up slightly. The first day’s goal was simply to get use to our new (used) 16ft board. The big challenge for me was that the board was much narrower than the board I had used when I went on my first lesson with Suzie. At just over 27 inches wide the board did not leave me much room for error.

After paddling about 100 yards out from the beach on my knees I started the process of trying to get up and stay up on the new board. First attempt went well, as I got up and managed to get in a good 10 or so paddle strokes before I leaned too much to the left and went Continue reading Brian Coppedge’s Downwind SUP Training and Fitness Blog Entry Two

Meet Brian Coppedge: From No Wind to Downwind Stand Up Paddler on Maui

Aloha everyone! This is a special introduction post and one that I hope you’ll follow, comment on and support. I’d like you to welcome Brian Coppedge of Haiku, Maui to the wonderful stand up paddle community and encourage him to follow his adventure and goal into the year of 2013 and  beyond. I hope that from this entry forward you will be inspired and help him realize his life and fitness goals.  I thank you all in advance,  Suzie Cooney

Welcome Brian Coppedge

Brian’s first day and already flexing the heck out of that paddle! Look out!

The concept seems simple enough – move to an Island you’ve got to get yourself a water sport.  After a bit of research and tons of conversation, or should I say “talking story,” I decided that I wanted to take up Stand Up Paddle boarding. I of course have never been on any type of a board, not a skate board, not a surf board, not a paddle board, and I was assured serving on the “board” of a non-profit organizations would not translate to the water.

It was this point that a bit of serendipity entered my life, and I was introduced to Suzie Cooney.  Suzie is always upbeat and optimistic, so when I approached her about training to do a downwind paddleboard event she was onboard.  When I told her I wanted to do the Olukai’s Ho’olaule’a Maliko down wind event – she wisely suggested, “ why don’t you start with the 3 mile fun paddle”.  Cooler heads prevailed, leaving me to wait until our first training session to tell her, “no way I want to do  the full 8 mile race”.  Without missing a beat she backed my decision and started putting together a training plan, both on land and in the water that would set me on my way to meet my goal.

If you will let me I would love to bring you all along with me on my journey of getting in shape, and learning the necessary board skills to pull off my goal of completing in the Maliko down winder in early May.  My idea would be to post training updates at least twice a month, here on Suzie’s site, to be brutally honest about the process and hopefully have lots of new friends to share the in process with me online and in person.

I promise pictures, maybe even some videos and my best running commentary through the whole build up to the event.  Now in the spirit of transparency, I must confess that only recently have I been able to get serious about the training component and I  have only been in the water on a SUP twice- much more time was spent in the water than on the board!

Here are some basic stats so we can all judge my progress over the next several months.  I am 49 years old, 5 foot 10 inches tall and current weight about 210 pounds.  My goal is to get that down to around 180 by the time of the race.   I am currently working out with Suzie on land once a week and then on my own for the rest of the week.  I have been out on the board for some great basic SUP tips with Suzie once and out on my own only one more time.  This week will be the first week that I start to record how much time I am on the water, and I promise to share all that data with you as I go forward.

 Thanks for reading and I hope you will all check back in and follow me as I blog my experience under the careful tutelage of the wonderful Suzie Cooney.

    Brian is an inspiration to me and to others. Brian is one of those guys where I need to look him in the eye and monitor the real athlete in there, because there is no off switch! His workout will consist of timed interval paddling sprints, loaded balance training, upper body endurance strength training, serious core work, and self myofascial rolling. Nutrition will be key as will rest and recovery.

 So now he’s shared here with you and the world so drop a line, give him a cyber high five and be sure you’re looking over your shoulder at the next downwind race here on Maui. He’s going to do great and I can’t wait!

Mahalo, Suzie Cooney.


FREE SHIPPING Hop Aboard The Indo Board Balance Trainer My Favorite Training Gear and Up Your SUP Performance


“The most fun you’ll have off the water, I promise. You won’t even know you’re working out!”

For the BEGINNER to ADVANCED STAND UP PADDLER, This on-land training gear will  totally increase your core and paddle power, leg strength and endurance, seriously improve your balance and reaction time.

Everyone knows that you’re coming to the Suzie Trains Maui studio or even at the beach, each session includes some serious time on the Indo Board line of training gear.  For the beginner paddler, I may suggest the 24″ Gigante Flo Cushion that compliments the Rocker Board very well. For the intermediate to advanced paddlers the 24″ Gigante Flo Cushion combined with the Kicktail Board is also a very fine choice.

In the photo above, I’ve placed my 9’0″ Naish Mana atop of the Gigante disc. More air or less air in the disc changes the exercise. ( don’t forget to removes fins )

In this  photo, I’m “loading” my hips, legs and ankles with a 15lb kettle bell resting on my shoulder while I perform leg squats with  3-5s hold. WOW, burn. This helps increase total body and SUP board endurance. ( I’m on the “Kicktail” with just a little air in the Gigante to really make it work. )

I have so many videos on this website and articles that will help you advance your SUP skills and performance. So check them out!

The Indo Board Company stands behind their products and so do I.

Hop aboard and order yours today! If you need help deciding on what you may need for your health and training needs or for someone else on your list, please feel free to contact me through this website. I’m happy to help.

Happy Paddling, Suzie Cooney, CPT owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC



Stand Up Paddle Off the Pounds This Thanksgiving Holiday

November 20, 2012
Maui, HI. 

Stand up paddling is sure way to fire up the metabolism and shed some holiday poundage and still enjoy a fabulous meal. You can “shred to shed”. Get your core and body revving high to stoke the fire on the inside before your big meal. Do some interval sprints, go for distance or just get out there. You’ll be glad you did.

Also in this post, you can listen to my radio show ( below ) to help you keep your SUP waistline svelte so you can paddle this holiday and fit into your bikini, board shorts or wetsuit, depending on where you live. My tips will also help you steer clear of the usual weight gain that could slow you down on your next downwinder.

Suzie is riding the Naish 14′ Glide Carbon Board

This year I’m adding the Scosche Rhythm Monitor to my SUP interval training and distance training. I can listen to my music list while I track my progress. It’s so cool. This Thursday you can be sure I”ll be either going down Maliko for a downwinder or be out in the surf.

We’re expecting a decent swell here on Maui this Thanksgiving so as tradition, I’ll be getting out there so I can charge my calorie burning engine. Just approaching a big set, the adrenaline and fear along must burn at least a few hundred calories! I’ll be catching a few on my Naish Hokua or the new 8’10″ Mana.

These are my quick tips I’ve shared today on my weekly health and fitness and all about SUP radio show, on how to enjoy this holiday’s feast and not have a guilty conscious. I was thinking of something different to offer the public, and maybe create a pre-Thanksgiving help line, but not for how to cook a turkey but to help counsel those who are already stressing about gaining weight. I think I could be on to something!

According to online surveys the average person will eat over 4,000 and 229 grams of fat, the Thanksgiving Day Holiday. Yikes. Not to mention the additional increase in sodium intake that may leave you feeling bloated and miserable. Do you know how hard you’ll have to work to burn that off? Very.

So instead maybe this segment will see you through.  I know many of you who I counsel and train are getting a bit worried about how many calories they will be consuming. I try and give them all the knowledge and power so they don’t come back to me the Monday after with their tail between their legs, and crumbs on their face from pumpkin pie crust.
For example if you eat 6 ounces of white turkey at about 180 calories, it will take you approximately 30 minutes to run that off.

Click Here to Hear Suzie Live

Listen here now to my snippet from the Maui Breakfast Club, relax and please whatever you do, leave the elastic pants or skirt in the drawer at home.  ( Air date November 19, 2012 )




Go for run on the beach and charge your pre meal metabolic booster!

Tip One: Slow Down – Eat more slowly and taste each bite.  Sip water before and after and each bite. PORTION control matters as well. Smaller portions, no seconds.

Tip Two: Sit down while you eat, no mindless grazing. Standing may cause you to eat more.

Tip Three: Go easy on the booze.  These are sneaky calories! Fill a wine glass with sparkling water. Avoid alcohol as it slows down your metabolism.

Tip Four: Shift mind set to losing weight, and focus on maintenance. Don’t lose weight to eat more.

Tip Five: Don’t worry about insulting friends and family who push food on  you. Politely say, “thank you but I’m so full, or I”ll have some later.”

Tip Six: Celebrate yourself, your friends and family. Hugs are free, they make us feel good and they don’t have any calories!

Tip Seven: Get outside and surf, SUP, windsurf, kite or walk or run on the beach. This is my tradition. Depending on conditions which are usually amazing in November; I’ll grab a board and hit the water for an hour or two.

Tip Eight: Don’t skip meals so you can indulge and binge. You’ll regret it.

Tip Nine:  Eat fiber and whole grain breakfast. Fiber is filling.

Last Tip: Don’t stress, there are plenty of personal trainers that can help you get back on track. The trick is, not to go off track in first place.

Holidays are for enjoying yourself, the ocean and being thankful, but also for giving something such as a service or gift of your talent or time.  I”m thankful for so much, but most of all thankful for my health, family and friends and you.  So grab your paddle and some friends and catch some glides and waves.  Then listen to my radio show to make sure you keep that body lean and strong.

Thanks for tuning in and check back here for more holiday tips to help you hold your course and not order that second one.

Mahalo and Happy Thanksgiving!

Aloha & Happy Thanksgiving

Suzie Cooney, CPT owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC

Tune in every Monday @ 7:20 AM to the Maui Breakfast Club 900 AM KNUI  Listen live also at KNUI.com

Suzie rides the Naish Hokua 9’0″, Mana 8’10″ 14ft Glide, 9’5″ Alana, 11’4″ Nalu and the 10’6″Nalu and many more.

Go to http://www.naishsurfing.com

Please share with your friends and family.

Advanced SUP Core Training with Hunter Joslin Founder of Indo Board Balance Trainer and Suzie Cooney on the Gigante Flo Cushion

By Suzie Cooney, CPT owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC

It’s no doubt that Hunter Joslin, Indo Board Balance Trainer’s Founder and developer of the popular Gigante Flo Cushion, entertains and trains with me at this year’s Battle of the Paddle at Dana Point. Hunter was wowing the crowd with some tricks this weekend as Chip Martoccia, VP of Operations, and I cheered on.

Hunter Joslin and Suzie Cooney train with Indo Board Flo Cusion

Hunter Joslin and Suzie Cooney having Gigante fun at 2012 BOP, Dana Point

I’ve been a team rider and ambassador for Indo Board Balance Trainer for some time, and thoroughly enjoy my time with Hunter and crew. We never miss an opportunity to play around and challenge one another. He’s quite the surfer and in very good shape. We’ve shared a few waves together on Maui, and I can say he is just a little competitive!

As a SUP Team Rider for Naish, Hunter asked if I’d do this photo shoot and share some new tricks I’ve been working on in my studio here at SUZIE TRAINS MAUI to improve people’s stand up paddling strength. Of course! Turns out he had never tried or seen any of these so I was stoked but under the gun to give him my best.

      These exercise are a bit advanced, but I encourage everyone to try them.

As one advances in stand up paddling technique, racing long distance or sprint racing or those who charge JAWS and other big waves, these folks understand already “where” their power is coming from.

Continue reading Advanced SUP Core Training with Hunter Joslin Founder of Indo Board Balance Trainer and Suzie Cooney on the Gigante Flo Cushion

Stand Up Paddling Exercises to Increase Performance and Recovery Video with Suzie Cooney

September 30th, 2012: I’m posting this on the last night of Battle of the Paddle in Dana Point, CA. It was super fun but really hot and great waves!  This weekend I witnessed the pros and the weekend warriors and you can bet these folks will have some sore muscles. From the intense levels of adrenaline and short interval sprints, to the the long distance race, some will recover faster than others.

Hydration, preparedness, planned training and proper rest are all important factors that really matter and determine how well you do on the big day or if you’re just cruising. So learning how to prepare your body before a session but more importantly, what you do after will allow you to get back on the water and recover more quickly.

In this video I wanted to share with paddlers of all levels, how to increase your performance and recovery time by resetting the muscle patterns we use most for paddling, to their natural state.  By this we can increase blood supply for cell recovery, remove lactic acid and get you back on the water and help you feel energized and not do depleted and fatigued.

Paddle and train like the pros:

Let me know what you think and share what you’ve experienced with muscle soreness and recovery.

For more training videos/tips go to: http://www.standuppaddlingfitness.com/sup-fitness-tips/

Suzie Cooney, CPT
Owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC

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