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Reduce Leg Fatigue, Improve Balance & Carving for SUP! Add the 24″ Gigante Disc to the Indo Board Original Package

Maui SUP Wave & Downwind Action

Waves are a force of nature like no other. Susan does a superb job to illustrate this and more. A great read!

Cool Jewelry by beachgirlmaui


The Ultimate Winter Maui Stand Up Paddle Luxury Adventure

Sorry gentleman, this one’s for the ladies!Flower

Suzie Cooney ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2013 Everyone knows that Maui is THE place to escape in the middle of winter for stand up paddling, especially when the whales are everywhere, the winds are calm and the water an inviting warm temperature, and the beaches begging to be explored.


Along with the True Collection Team, we present the Ultimate Experience for those select few who seek a life changing experience; one that will increase their strength, stand up paddling skills, offer female camaraderie and a luxury venue sure to be a hallmark memory.

 Suzie Cooney Maui SUP Event

Plan and book now, for your special start to the New Year as space is limited. For more information and to book your reservation, click here: http://www.ultimateexperience.com/experiences/162-women-s-stand-up-paddle-and-fitness-experience-on-maui    or contact Amie@UltimateExperience.com

  ” Come along, I’d love to meet you and paddle with you around Maui’s fabulous waters and beaches. It will be amazing! ”  

     Suzie Cooney

Supporting brands and sponsors: Naish, Kaenon Polarized Eyewear, BLUESMITHS, RAW Elements USA, Indo Board Balance Trainer, OluKai Premium Footwear, Suzie Trains Maui

Click here for Press Release.

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A Special Women's Stand Up Paddling Event on Maui in 2014 Press Release

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Presented by True Collection & Ultimate Experience

For Immediate Release:

Media Contact: Amie Engerbretson

Tel. 530-448-1687


A Special Women’s Stand Up Paddle and Fitness Experience on Maui hosted by world-renown professional SUP athlete Suzie Cooney

(Saratoga, California) – Professional Stand Up Paddle Athlete and Trainer Suzie Cooney, along with Ultimate Experience, is proud to announce a special, women-specific experience in Maui, Hawaii, in January 2014. Beat the cold and getaway to the breath-taking Lumeria Resort for an unforgettable SUP and Fitness retreat. Cooney, a globally recognized athlete, SUP pioneer, professional fitness trainer, has put together an incredible and exclusive five-night stay at Lumeria for six women. This experience benefits Bring Change 2 Mind, a non-profit dedicated to eradicating the stigma and discrimination that surrounds mental illness, a cause Suzie is passionate about.

Located near the historic town of Pa’ia, Lumeria is one of the islands’ premiere and intimate locations, highlighted by barefoot elegance and sparkled with tropical gardens, saline pool and Jacuzzi, exquisite guest rooms and first-class yoga studios. With Suzie as your guide, tour one of the birthplaces of Stand Up Paddle as Maui reveals itself to truly be the gem of all island getaways. Fine-tune your stroke, learn water safety, board control and discover myriad health benefits of SUP on the crystal clear, blue, warm waters of Maui.

Through finely tuned training sessions with Suzie, you’ll build strength, improve balance, and get your mind in line with the ocean breeze. Between the adventures, enjoy fresh, organic farm-to-table meals artfully crafted and prepared by Lumeria’s award-winning staff, rounding out your healthy, restorative retreat.

 Suzie Cooney Maui SUP Event

Continue reading A Special Women’s Stand Up Paddling Event on Maui in 2014 Press Release

Suzie Cooney SUP Feature in ThePaddler Ezine Magazine

Check out the latest in April 2013 ThePaddler Ezine Magazine – This issue Suzie Cooney is featured to inspire you and encourage those new to the sport of stand up paddling, to hop aboard and get started now.

Enjoy the feature and other amazing photography and articles here: http://issuu.com/thepaddler/docs/thepaddler_7_med-res


Suzie Trains Maui Team Correspondent

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Have You Ever Met A Paddling Paniolo? Meet Tricia Buti an Amateur Champion Cutter and SUP Racer

TriciaButiBoy Howdy!
This is
Powerful paddler and Amateur Champion, world ranked cutter is what we call in Hawaii a real panilo.

I didn’t know this, but time in the saddle ( literally ) translates to an amazing new stand up paddler. It wasn’t until I had the pleasure of meeting Tricia Buti who came to Maui real recently to take a SUP coaching session with me; did I learn that to be able to manage the power of such an amazing animal, a cutting horse you have to have incredible balance to look so graceful while you herd a head of steer.

Both sports SUP and cutting horses require balance, courage  and strength. Learn more about this courageous gal from the great North West who has been through quite a bit. With determination and a strong will, she is now doing more than every and feels that SUP has helped her in the saddle.

I told her there would me no herding me, but I’m always open to learn new things. She opened my eyes to a whole other world as I watched her on the water, so strong, so focused with a special fire in here eye. Get ready world and the state of Washington! Meet Tricia:  ( in the photos of her below, she mentioned this day was a brisk 40 degrees)

SONY DSCBy: Tricia Buti

As a competitive horseback rider, being in sync with my horse with impeccable timing is what brings a big score and the win. Cutting horses have an innate ability to read a cow and mirror its moves, with very little help from the rider. In cutting, the horse and rider cut a particular cow out of a herd. Once the cow is moved out front, the rider then puts their hand down and is no longer able to cue the horse via the reins, and can only use their feet to cue their horse, and their seat to signal stops. The horse then mirrors the cow and keeps it from returning to the herd. Perfect sync results in high scores.

In this highly specialized sport with many amazing equine athletes to compete against, you cannot become complacent and expect to be a repeat winner. After many successful years on my 19 year old quarter horse Lil Lighting Rod (Rodney), two car accidents in a four Continue reading Have You Ever Met A Paddling Paniolo? Meet Tricia Buti an Amateur Champion Cutter and SUP Racer

Inspirational Stand Up Paddlers Spread the Stoke As They Practice Their Strokes

Ed and Judy on their Naish Glides head out for a session with Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains MauiIn my line of work, I meet so many people who leave a lasting positive impression on my life. But when I learn that I’ve done the same for them, it makes what I do even that much more meaningful!

At the risk of tooting my own horn, I’d love to share this blog post with you from two of my very spirited clients, Ed and Judy from Bend, OR (you might remember them from an earlier article: Eddie’s SUP Fitness Journey Part One: Goal Olukai Ho’olaule’a SUP Race Maui 2013).

Original article published by Elder SUP on elder-sup.com

“Sometimes fate seems to send a subtle message in ordinary observations. This time it came from a name and the resulting initials – Suzie Cooney, SC. Ed and I are in week 8 of our “Eddie Will Go on the Olukai Ho’olaule’a” race – comeback from extensive shoulder surgery. Week 8 is the best one yet. We are actually in Maui and are SUP surfing and doing sweet down-winders every day on our Naish 14? Glide GX. Last night we had dinner with our trainer-from-a-distance, Suzie Cooney, CPT of Suzie Trains Maui.

There’s nothing like a face-to-face conversation over ono burgers at the Fish Market Restaurant in Paia, especially after all the support we’ve gained from Suzie over the past months. How did two 63 year olds from Oregon come to be trained by Suzie Cooney on Maui? That’s quite a story.

We were casually playing at down-wind riding while on vacation in Maui in May 2011. Hearing that the Olukai Ho’olaule’a offered a “fun race” of just 4 miles we grabbed our rental surfboards and registered. The day of the race we were all butterflies and doubt.  Ed was having shoulder surgery 4 days later and we were second-guessing everything. Then the announcer gathered us all for a pre-race warm-up, and we met Suzie.

With a warm smile and ultimate encouragement she talked and moved the nervous group through breathing, stretching and a warm-up. Surprisingly, by the time we were done the group had a relaxed and solidified feel. Then we were off for one of the most exhilarating fun-runs ever. We decided that when Ed was able to train after his surgery, just seven weeks ago, we would start training with Suzie. We set a goal to do the 8-mile run from Maliko Gulch to Kanaha. Suzie’s regimine has been just what Ed needed. Continue reading Inspirational Stand Up Paddlers Spread the Stoke As They Practice Their Strokes

Brian Coppedge's Downwind SUP Training and Fitness Blog Entry Two

Brian Coppedge rocks the Indo Board at his Suzie Trains Maui sessionLast week, we introduced you to Brian Coppedge of Haiku Maui, who was taking on the challenge of learning to SUP. Read all about his first experiences here. Brian has been hard at work (and play) this week and has more insight to share!

“Week of one of my SUP training is now in the book that means it must be time to bare my soul to all of my new friends. I was excited to get in the water on two back to back days this week and really saw a marked difference in my confidence and basic board handling skills. I can already see that my biggest challenge to meeting my goal by the May 12 event is going to be carving out enough time in my week to make sure I have ample board time.

I think the best way to approach covering this past week is to break it down into two parts; Part 1 “Water Training” and Part 2 “Land Training”

Part 1: Water Training

My partner Max and I headed out to a beach in Kihei near the 5 Palms Resort. The weather was perfect, sunny, fairly glassy conditions with just a little bit of wind to mix things up slightly. The first day’s goal was simply to get use to our new (used) 16ft board. The big challenge for me was that the board was much narrower than the board I had used when I went on my first lesson with Suzie. At just over 27 inches wide the board did not leave me much room for error.

After paddling about 100 yards out from the beach on my knees I started the process of trying to get up and stay up on the new board. First attempt went well, as I got up and managed to get in a good 10 or so paddle strokes before I leaned too much to the left and went Continue reading Brian Coppedge’s Downwind SUP Training and Fitness Blog Entry Two

Successful SUP Pro Talk Challenges Paddlers and Supports Mental Illness Campaign

SUP Pro Talk Workshop Maui 2012

Maui, HI
November 27, 2012

Stand up paddlers of all skill levels gathered on the serene grounds of Lumeria Maui on November 3rd for the SUP Pro Talk Workshop with Suzie Cooney. The educational (and fun!) land-based event touched on many important topics for paddlers, including the health benefits of SUP, water safety and ocean preparedness, SUP fitness techniques and training demos, and equipment reviews.

Clay Everline, M.D., co-author of the Surf Survival Health Hand Book, was on hand with a valuable lecture on First Aid, and pro paddler, Jeremy Riggs, heated the afternoon up with his tips on downwind paddling. Suzie Cooney, as charming as ever, kept the crowd entertained and engaged with her informative and “hands on” teaching style.

The big winner of the day was the organization Bring Change 2 Mind, as 90% of the event’s proceeds went to supporting the group’s fight to erase the stigma and discrimination of mental illness. The organization, founded by actress Glenn Close, provides educational material and a meeting place for a broad coalition of organizations that provide service, screening, information, support and treatment of mental illness.

Suzie shares:

“We were thrilled to sell out three months in advance. That really confirmed to me that people are eager to learn and support the sport. I’m a big advocate of those dealing with mental illness, so I wanted to spread the word about the organization I support, Bring Change 2 Mind.org.

Clay Everline, M.D. was very informative and entertaining, as was Jeremy Riggs, our local downwind pro who shared some of his helpful tips. The participants had great questions, which was helpful for the entire audience!

The event supporters and sponsors including, Naish, Kaenon Polarized Eyewear, Indo Board Balance Trainer, Pocket Fuel Naturals, Scosche Health & Fitness and CamelBak Hydration Packs, were all very generous in providing some great raffle prizes. People were stoked to win products that compliment their SUP lifestyle.” -Suzie Cooney, CPT, owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC

Bring Change 2 Mind.orgFor more information about Bring Change 2 Mind, visit: bringchange2mind.org

For more Stand Up Paddling Fitness Techniques, Success Stories, Workouts and Upcoming Events, visit: standuppaddlingfitness.com


Stay tuned for the soon to be released educational video of this SUP Pro Talk Workshop. This will be available to download on all platforms in December 2012.


Meet Brian Coppedge: From No Wind to Downwind Stand Up Paddler on Maui

Aloha everyone! This is a special introduction post and one that I hope you’ll follow, comment on and support. I’d like you to welcome Brian Coppedge of Haiku, Maui to the wonderful stand up paddle community and encourage him to follow his adventure and goal into the year of 2013 and  beyond. I hope that from this entry forward you will be inspired and help him realize his life and fitness goals.  I thank you all in advance,  Suzie Cooney

Welcome Brian Coppedge

Brian’s first day and already flexing the heck out of that paddle! Look out!

The concept seems simple enough – move to an Island you’ve got to get yourself a water sport.  After a bit of research and tons of conversation, or should I say “talking story,” I decided that I wanted to take up Stand Up Paddle boarding. I of course have never been on any type of a board, not a skate board, not a surf board, not a paddle board, and I was assured serving on the “board” of a non-profit organizations would not translate to the water.

It was this point that a bit of serendipity entered my life, and I was introduced to Suzie Cooney.  Suzie is always upbeat and optimistic, so when I approached her about training to do a downwind paddleboard event she was onboard.  When I told her I wanted to do the Olukai’s Ho’olaule’a Maliko down wind event – she wisely suggested, “ why don’t you start with the 3 mile fun paddle”.  Cooler heads prevailed, leaving me to wait until our first training session to tell her, “no way I want to do  the full 8 mile race”.  Without missing a beat she backed my decision and started putting together a training plan, both on land and in the water that would set me on my way to meet my goal.

If you will let me I would love to bring you all along with me on my journey of getting in shape, and learning the necessary board skills to pull off my goal of completing in the Maliko down winder in early May.  My idea would be to post training updates at least twice a month, here on Suzie’s site, to be brutally honest about the process and hopefully have lots of new friends to share the in process with me online and in person.

I promise pictures, maybe even some videos and my best running commentary through the whole build up to the event.  Now in the spirit of transparency, I must confess that only recently have I been able to get serious about the training component and I  have only been in the water on a SUP twice- much more time was spent in the water than on the board!

Here are some basic stats so we can all judge my progress over the next several months.  I am 49 years old, 5 foot 10 inches tall and current weight about 210 pounds.  My goal is to get that down to around 180 by the time of the race.   I am currently working out with Suzie on land once a week and then on my own for the rest of the week.  I have been out on the board for some great basic SUP tips with Suzie once and out on my own only one more time.  This week will be the first week that I start to record how much time I am on the water, and I promise to share all that data with you as I go forward.

 Thanks for reading and I hope you will all check back in and follow me as I blog my experience under the careful tutelage of the wonderful Suzie Cooney.

    Brian is an inspiration to me and to others. Brian is one of those guys where I need to look him in the eye and monitor the real athlete in there, because there is no off switch! His workout will consist of timed interval paddling sprints, loaded balance training, upper body endurance strength training, serious core work, and self myofascial rolling. Nutrition will be key as will rest and recovery.

 So now he’s shared here with you and the world so drop a line, give him a cyber high five and be sure you’re looking over your shoulder at the next downwind race here on Maui. He’s going to do great and I can’t wait!

Mahalo, Suzie Cooney.


Nevada SUP Paddler Scott Boyles checking in with a Big Win and Big Stoke

Nevada SUP Paddler Scott Boyles checking in with a Big Win and Big Stoke

One of the many rewards of helping people with their stand up paddling stroke/fitness/technique is getting emails, photos and updates of their stoke and even better, wins in their local events. Makes a coach proud!

I had the chance to catch up with Scott Boyles at this year’s Battle of the Paddle at Dana Point where I could see from the fire in his eyes, discipline and strength in his body that this was only the beginning for him.

Scott Boyle and Suzie Cooney at the BOP at Dana Point, CA 2012

Suzie & Scott
2012 BOP Dana Point, CA.

Scott came to Maui with his wife Cheryl last year and took a lesson with me to improve his stroke. He was incredibly technical which I enjoyed all the more. He got it and he got it fast. As a student, he was a quick study and understood the finer nuances that take most people a little more time to grasp. With his anatomical knowledge and practice, I knew he’d have big breakthroughs too.

As he was already in excellent shape, it didn’t take him long to find his true core power ( about 5 minutes! ).  He was able to understand how to use and transfer that power directly to the board and water. Impressive.

Scott writes:
“[I had] paddled [only] twice in my life. My wife Cheryl and I went to Maui, called Suzie Cooney. She invited us on a community downwinder from Paia Bay to Kanaha. Could barely stay on the board! Then I took a personal paddle lesson from her, and she demonstrated the great ability to coach technique, but more importantly communicate in an effective way. She was also so laid back as was the community she introduced us to, it really made it a awesome experience.

Went home, bought a board and set the goal to complete the 22 miler across Tahoe race (supported by a lovely wife who knows I need a “focus” on a physical activity).  [I] achieved that in 2011. Did a number of other races, many sponsored by South Lake Tahoe Stand Up Paddle. Trained more, paddled lots, coached more by Tracy Day, bought another board a Flatwater Paddle, a fricking rocket. Then won the 18-55 age group in the 12′ 6″ class in the 2012, 22 miler. By the way, all at age 50!

Suzie is definitely a high ranking ambassador of SUP awesomeness, along with many others.”

So when I saw Scott again, as a trainer, of course, I noticed his ripped abs and asked if he’d share his training secret. He makes it look so easy!

Scott Boyle performs the plank on an SUP

Scott Boyle defying gravity in plank pose on his SUP

“For my abs: I do crunches once every couple months or so, up to 5 reps maybe 3 sets max. They are hard on the back and really unnecessary! (I learned a lot about true core strength following my second lower back surgery.) Ab strength is totally built on exercises that are based on core and balance as the primary foundation.”

Scott also came in 3rd in age group and 8th overall in the famous Tahoe Nalu long distance race.

I’m sure we’ll see and hear more of Scott’s wins, but most importantly he is spreading the stoke of SUP and is living proof that stand up paddling is a great way to stay in shape, build new strength and offers an amazing way to strengthen the core.

Having also experienced serious back issues myself, it is truly amazing how the body can respond. Proper guidance from your medical team is paramount. Scott rebuilt his lumbar foundation and amazingly is able to maintain his flexibility, range of trunk strength, leg strength and core strength. These combined components will enable him to enjoy SUP at this level and allow for a higher quality of life.

Scott Boyle winsScott, you are definitely an inspiration to me, and now you will reach thousands more.

Mahalo Scott for sharing and hope to see more photos. Maybe at next year’s OluKai Ho’olaule’a. We’d love to have you again.

Your fan,
Suzie Cooney, CPT of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC

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Eddie's SUP Fitness Journey Part One: Goal OluKai Ho'olaule'a SUP Race Maui 2013

Suzie Trains Maui – and Eddie!   Get Inspired and set your SUP fitness goals.

I have the pleasure of meeting people from all over the world who are full of Aloha and who want to conquer our famous 8 mile stretch of downwind stand up paddling, known as Maliko. We are approaching OluKai’s 5th Annual Ho’olaule’a SUP & OC1 Race  in May of 2013 and there will be one more competitor to add to the line up, Eddie from Bend OR. Mark your calendars: Saturday, May 11th, 2013.

Follow his journey here as he prepares his body and mind for this monumental physical SUP adventure.  Judy, his adoring fan and lovely wife and bad ass paddler, will document his training and preparation.

Together with Judy and a little guidance from me, Eddie will go!

by Judy August 28, 2012

Eddie on Maui 2012


Back in the day – 1967 to be exact – Ed and I were playing at surfing the mushy calf-high waves we had in balmy South Florida. From 1970-2007 we didn’t surf, using our ocean time to sail, scuba, windsurf, fish and raise the family.  2001 found us moving life to Oregon, and by 2007 we discover standup paddling and were back in the surf 4 decades later!

In the natural progression of things, two diverse events influenced our Summer 2012.  One was Ed’s second rotator cuff surgery (yes, he was brave enough to go through that torture twice) and our trip to Maui to try the short version of the Ho’olaule’a event. Four days after the coolest downwind adventure either of us had experiences poor Ed went under the knife. But not before we were hooked on downwind, open ocean fun!

In the pictures above, it’s easy to see we are still the happy ocean-loving “kids” we were back in 1967 but it’s also easy to see that our abs are a bit worse for wear at age 63. Fortunately, just before the start of our event, Maui local and globally respected standup paddler/athlete, Suzie Cooney, provided a pre-race warmup. That gave us a chance not only to meet Suzie but to get to know a bit about her dedication to training a diverse group of clients from the casual paddler to elite athletes. As Ed went from wearing a sling to hefting the 3 lb weights he’s now using in PT we both made a commitment to getting into our best functional fitness over the next 8 months.

As much as we already know about exercise and nutrition, we realize that insights, motivation and programming provided by a respected professional is mandatory, especially as we embrace our seventh decade. Over the summer, Suzie Cooney has been kind enough to listen to our plan to follow her training “at a distance.” Nothing can replace actual time at her training facility with her customized training delivered face to face. Just the same, we have made a decision to glean as much as we can from her blog and conversations.  We have a solid goal in mind. We plan to be at the start line on May 11, 2013 ready to enjoy the full Olukai Ho’olaule’a downwind run from Maliko Gulch to Kanaha.

“Pie in the sky” – This Saturday I plan to join other hopefuls as I buy a couple of lotto tickets – would be cool to win $5000 or so. We’d probably jet off to Maui in November and prepare for Maliko at Suzie’s upcoming clinic. Meanwhile, training in Oregon is underway. The “training table” is becoming ever more healthful and an Indo Board is on its way to our home.  The digital age could very well allow us the best connection with our partner in preparation, Suzie Cooney. Most watched film this week – this training session from the Suzie Trains Maui blog. YES! We want endurance, core strength and balance. This is an excellent overview of some training options. Bring it, Suzie!

Please feel free to leave your comment for Eddie.  Eddie and Judy, thank you for sharing and I’m looking forward to hearing the latest after his course of physical therapy.  I know Eddie will come back stronger!

Suzie Cooney, CPT
Owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC

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