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Reduce Leg Fatigue, Improve Balance & Carving for SUP! Add the 24″ Gigante Disc to the Indo Board Original Package

Maui SUP Wave & Downwind Action

Waves are a force of nature like no other. Susan does a superb job to illustrate this and more. A great read!

Cool Jewelry by beachgirlmaui


April 12 OluKai Practice and Training Paddle with Suzie Cooney and Archie Kalepa

April 12 OluKai “Practice” and Training Paddle with Suzie Cooney and Archie Kalpea

Maui, Hawaii: April 12th 2014

OluKai, Archie Kalepa and Suzie Cooney host A Free
3 Mile Paia to Kanaha “Practice” Fun Paddle or
8 mile Maliko to Kanaha “Training” Paddle
in preparation for The 6th Annual OluKai Ho’olaule’a 

Registration after party at Adventure Sports Maui
in Kahului from 4pm to 6pm

It’s that time of year again to get your stand up paddle board and if you’ve ever dreamed of doing your first downwinder with a hundred other first timers or downwind beginners, come out and join us! Now you can experience Maui’s epic North shore with an experienced safety crew to guide you. Experience what it’s like and prepare for the May 10th real OluKai ?Ohana Fun paddle.


DATE: Saturday, April 12, 2014
BEGIN PADDLE: 28 Hana Hwy at Paia Youth Cultural and Youth Center
END PADDLE: Kanaha Beach Park Lifeguard Tower
ARRIVE TIME: 8:00am (please arrive by 8:00am to sign in and for course review and safety meeting by Archie Kalepa)
PADDLE START TIME:  9:00am group start

We suggest paddlers carpool and pre-arrange transportation after the paddle so you can retrieve your car from the Paia Youth and Cultural Center. You will need to provide your own board or gear to paddle.


20100515_olukai_sup_0171-displayThree miles not enough of a challenge, maybe you are ready for the 8 mile Maliko to Kanaha Beach Park… who better to guide you than 31 year Maui County Lifeguard veteran, 2013 Duke Kahanamoku Waterman Hall of Fame Inductee and first person to Stand up Paddle the Molokai to Oahu paddleboard race, Archie Kalepa.

DATE: Saturday, April 12, 2014
BEGIN PADDLE: Maliko Bay, Maui-Hawaii
END PADDLE: Kanaha Beach Park Lifeguard Tower
ARRIVE TIME: 1:15 to 1:30pm at Maliko
PADDLE START TIME:  1:45pm Archie will lead group out of Maliko Bay

April 12 Registration party at Adventure Sports Maui in Kahului from
4pm to 6pm. Enjoy complimentary pupus and drink and a chance to Win OluKai!

Join OluKai and Adventure Sports Maui for a Ho’olaule’a pre registration sign up party. Talk story with fellow paddlers, check out the new OluKai product and the selection of SUP boards, paddles and water sports products offered at Adventure Sports Maui. Paddlers will have a chance to win a new Stand Up Paddle and two pair of OluKai. Drawing will be held at 6pm on April 12.

MOORE WATERTIME SUP SHUTTLE FOR EVENT: You may enjoy the luxury of being shuttled to each event so you don’t have to worry about two cars. Space is limited, so reserve now.  For 3 mile course, pick up time ( meaning ready to load and go); is 7:30am  at Lower Kanaha Beach Park. For 8 mile course, pick up time is 12:15pm, same location.  For reservations click here.


To register for the OluKai Ho’olaule’a Fun Paddle or 8 mile Maliko SUP or OC1-2 downwinder on May 10-11, 2014 click on the below link.


See you there,

Suzie Cooney _MG_2350


Register Now for the World Famous 6th Annual Olukai Ho'olaule'a SUP & OC1 Maui Hawaii


Register Now for the 6th Annual Olukai Ho’olaule’a SUP & OC1 Maui, Hawaii
May 10-11th, 2014
Click here for all the details and to register.

This is THE downwind race of the year that celebrates the ocean that we live and play in and shares the Hawaiian culture with an amazing luau, Hawaiian games, canoe rides and entertainment. Some of the best athletes from around the world will converge to compete on 8 miles of open ocean known  Maliko; surfing and catching monster glides.  All levels are welcome and be sure to check out the Fun Paddle which offers a friendly and fun 3 mile paddle for anything you can paddle!
Highlights from 2012:

And here was last year’s event:


Aloha and see you there!
Suzie Cooney, CPT
Owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC
Spokesperson for Olukai

FREE Shipping on Indo Board Balance Gear Up Your SUP Performance

Everyone knows how much I practice and train myself and all my clients to increase their SUP performance on the Indo Board Balance Training Gear.  All levels of paddlers can enhance their training. You can’t miss this opportunity to give this gift to yourself!  When you train the brain to fire and execute the same muscles you use when you’re going deep, or doing downwinders, buoy racing, channel crossings, distance or just going out to have fun; by training with this Indo Board gear your paddling skills will skyrocket.    See my recent articles / videos at the bottom of this post!  CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW
Free shipping thru Jan 1, 2014

GOPR0114_00006My best combo suggestion: Indo Board Gigante Flo Cushion plus either the Pro Kicktail or for less advanced or beginners, I suggest  the Rocker board.

I welcome your emails through this website if you have any questions!

SUP Training Articleshttp://www.standuppaddlingfitness.com/category/sup-fitness/#.Upprfxa6Xww

Recent  Indo Board Training Videos: http://www.standuppaddlingfitness.com/sup-videos/sup-fitness-tips/#.UpppTxa6Xww


Free shipping thru Jan 1, 2014

Before You Step On The Water Hop Aboard The Indo Board Balance Trainer Gear

Before You Step On The Water Hop Aboard The Indo Board Balance Trainer Gear


For years I’ve been training myself and people from around the world to up their SUP performance. I could not do it without the Indo Board Gigante Flo Cushion combined with the Indo Board Pro Kicktail.  This is a winning combination if you’re into surfing, stand up paddle surfing and downwinders, or if you simply like to cruise around. Go deeper, paddle the distance, cut that buoy turn, and carve harder with new-found strength.

I’ve produced lots of videos and articles, ( see links below )  using this gear and it still rings true that the better your brain is trained with proprioception work and functional training such as this type of training, the better you’ll perform out there on the water. Time and time again my clients and I notice a HUGE difference when you’ve put a bit of time into your land training. Right away you will feel the transfer to all the muscles you need to manage small surf, big surf or if you’re looking simply to improve your balance.

Most people rely on their large muscles, such as the hip, the knee and the ankle, to literally push them through a bottom turn or to catch a glide on a downwinder. However, if you can call up all of the tiny finer muscles to fire first then signal the larger muscles to jump in, your performance could increase ten-fold. Additionally, everyone talks, core core core.. it’s true.  The core is everything excluding your extremities so train it, as it’s one of the many benefits that you’ll gain when using this gear.

I literrally could not continue my career as a coach and trainer and professional paddler without the Indo Board Balance Training Gear. I’d have to retire as a checkerboard champion or something like that.

No but seriously, I’m very sincere when I write this. You’ll have a blast and you’ll really improve at the sport you love.

Check out all my videos and learn how I train the pros. Get your gear right here or look for the links in the sidebars of this post.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact me through my website. I’m happy to help.  I’d love to learn how you’re SUP and surf game has improved!  Please leave a comment.

Here’s are links to some of the videos and articles that show you how to train: http://www.standuppaddlingfitness.com/sup-videos/sup-fitness-tips/#.UnrbbRa6Xww and also http://www.standuppaddlingfitness.com/category/indo-board-sup-training/


Suzie Cooney, CPT

Owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC

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Boss Man of SUPRACER.com In the Suzie Trains Maui Crib

Sometimes you just don’t know who’s coming to Maui until you get the call or text. This time it was the Boss Man himself, Chris Parker of SUPracer.com. With a little fire and fear in hisSUPracer.com-160x160[1] eyes,  he had no idea what to expect especially when I introduced  him to the “Ring of Fire” , the Indo Board Gigante Flo Cushion along with the TRX Rip trainer; with a workout all designed to make him even a better stand up paddler.

The trepidation is common but easily put to ease when someone steps into my SUP stoked out studio. You see Chris is often on the other side the interview and this time we laid down two sessions to make him shake and quiver but all in all it was good times and heaps of fun!

Here’s a quick shot of Chris getting his game on as he learns to load his body to down through his hips for more leg power on the Indo Board Pro Kicktail Board atop the Gigante Flo Cushion with a 15lb kettle bell.  Right away he got it as our goal was to slow the shaking down and get real focused. This was one of the many things he loved.


I’ll let  him tell you the rest here, in his article on SUPRacer.com: http://www.supracer.com/suzie-trains-maui/

To get your SUP legs going and to learn all the stuff Chris learned in our two sessions, I offer SKYPE training via the internet in any time zone.  This is a blast and very effective if you can’t hop on a plane to Maui. In the mean time if you really want to improve your stand up paddling performance, get the gear that I train with, the IndoBoard Gigante Flo Cushion, and my favorite combined with the Pro Kicktail board. Then let’s train together virtually. I also have awesome videos you can watch on my website here at http://www.standuppaddlingfitness.com/sup-videos/sup-fitness-tips/#.UjekgBa6Xww

Alright Chris, thanks again for coming to Maui and it was fun paddling Maliko with you!


Suzie Cooney, CPT

Owner of Suzie Trains Maui

You can contact Suzie through this website for professional SUP instruction, coaching and training.

SuzieTrainsMaui Logo

Video Training Tip: How to Increase Your SUP Power Strokes and Balance

This quick stand up paddling performance tip that shows you how to increase your stroke paddling power from deep within your core and obliques, while at the same time allows you to challenge your balance and build leg strength and reaction time.

This video will help all levels of paddlers improve their upper body strength and endurance too.

The equipment needed for this workout is the Indo Board Gigante Flo Cushion along with, pictured here; the Indo Board Pro Kicktail Board. You can purchase through this website or directly here:  http://www.shareasale.com/r.cfm?B=452431&U=774529&M=45631&urllink=

HeIndo Board Pro Kicktailre’s a pIndo Board Gigante Flo Cushionhoto of the Indo Board Gigante Flo Cushion combined with the Pro Kicktail Board. I like this combination as the width of the Kicktail and the length offers the extreme in balance challenges.

The SUP Boards ridden in the opening of this video are made by Naish: Check out the boards here:  http://www.naishsurfing.com
Boards: Naish 9’0″ Hokua & Naish Carbon GX Glide 14ft
Paddles: Naish full carbon Kaholo 8.5 adjustable, and the new 2014 Race LE carbon, offering the lightest, stiffest and most powerful performance oriented race paddle.

See you on the water! Aloha, Suzie

Connect with Suzie Cooney here: Suzie Trains Maui Website: http://www.suzietrainsmaui.com

Also Stand Up Paddling Fitness http://www.standuppaddlingfitness.com

Like our FaceBook Page: https://www.facebook.com/suzietrainsmaui

Suzie Cooney is available for SUP training and instruction on Maui, but be sure to book at least 1 month in advance or via SKYPE. You can contact her through this website.

Don’t miss any of the action or more videos like this:

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Kody Kerbox is 2013 Naish Gorge Stand Up Paddle Challenge Champion

Kody Kerbox wins Naish Gorge Challenge 2013 photo by Richard Hallman. Check out his website http://www.freelanceimaging.com

There is a saying, it’s not the challenge you face, but how you face the challenge. And that’s what Kody Kerbox did this past Saturday August 17th, at the 2013 Naish Columbia Gorge Paddle Challenge, in Hood River, Oregon, where he finished 1st in the elite men’s 8 mile downwind stand up paddle race.  Victory found him the following day as he blew up the challenging course race as he placed 2nd in the ( his words ) most “brutal” upwind course. His time was so good in the first race it placed him first overall for the entire event! Champagne was flowing. Elite results




photos courtesy of Gorge US Photo: http://www.gorge-usphoto.com

Yes, I am beaming and very proud as one of his circle of mentors who has seen him grow stronger and wiser with each year, each race, each huge wave or whatever comes his way.  He is on fire!

Kody Kerbox is just coming off a strong, finishing second in the prestigious Molokai to Oahu, where he paddled for his first solo crossing, July 28th, 2013 and finished 32 miles in 5:26:21 and 9th overall.  This year’s crossing was considered the most challenging in ten years with heavy head winds to the finish and a ridiculous backwashing current some are still cursing.

An example of how Kody used his brain power over this daunting, treacherous stretch of water, he told me, “I just kept my head down and didn’t look for the island, I waited until the island came to me.”

Continue reading Kody Kerbox is 2013 Naish Gorge Stand Up Paddle Challenge Champion

Naish SUP Team Brings It to 2013 Maui Paddle Championships

photo by JImmie Hepp

MAUI, Hawaii Sunday July 21st, 2013   photo by Jimmie Hepp

8th Annual Maui Paddle Championships

It was a light wind trade day that looked promising and was full of action. I was stoked to finish 2nd in my division as it was a final few miles grind to the finish. The best part as always, is being with friends from all over the world and to race with your team mates. It was also a cool and proud moment to see Kody Kerbox place first in his division with an unreal finish! Also, Manca Notar our new young powerhouse at Naish who I want as my little sister!  Naish writes a final recap here:

The 8th Annual Maui Paddle Championships took place Sunday, July 21st. 192 paddlers attended the prestigious Maliko to Kahului Harbor race that had an all-star local cast joined by many of the world’s best paddlers. Conditions were relatively light for this time of year, but better than predicted and they improved throughout the day making for some fast times.

Team Naish was well represented with riders from all around the world, including Kody Kerbox, Poenaiki Raioha, Ridge Lenny, Yoshi Nagamatsu, Manca Notar, Jerry Bess, Steven Frogier, Suzie Cooney and many more bringing home great results on this “warm-up” race to next week’s M2O race.

Maui local Kody Kerbox took out the big battle of the 14 footers, claiming the division win on his Javelin 14’0? LE and coming into the beach 9th overall. Tahitian racing and wave sensation Poenaiki Raioha once again showed that he’s going to be a force to reckon with. He took the win of the 01-16 age class on his Javelin 14’0? LE followed by Maui-grown Ridge Lenny placing second.

Young slovenian team rider Manca Notar, racing on Maui for the first time this year, took the opportunity to participate in the  READ the rest by clicking here:


Here’s yours truly coming in, good fun!

Suzie Cooney photo Jimmie Hepp

Suzie Cooney photo Jimmie Hepp

If you’re looking to improve your stand up paddling strength, performance and endurance I’m available on Maui or via SKYPE. I can help you with your body game on and off the water and specialize in downwind coaching.

You can contact me through this website.

Aloha, Suzie Cooney

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Ocean Paddler TV Broadcast of OluKai 2013 Ho'olaule'a Stand Up Paddle and OC1 Race on Maui

SuzieTrainsMaui Logo 2

Ocean Paddler TV broadcasts the 5th Annual OluKai 2013 Ho’olaule’a on National TV, this video is also featured on Hawaiian Airlines in-flight starting in July for 4 months. Check out the link for the video : https://vimeo.com/69559634

OluKai Fun Paddle Host Suzie Cooney It was very cool to host the Fun Paddle Division. You can watch all the highlights and all the exciting action here.

This event welcomes everyone from around the world. Please share and enjoy.

Please check back here for next year’s event.

Sign up for our newsletter to get all the action and news for the  2014 OluKai Ho’olaule’a.

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Meet Sasha Maui's New Stand Up Paddling Strong & Beautiful Talent

Sasha KinlochSuzieTrainsMaui Logo 2

It’s my sincere pleasure to introduce you to one of my new clients and new inspirations to Maui’s stand up paddle scene, Sasha Kinloch. Like many who enter the sport they discover that it’s amazing way to achieve a superior level of fitness, it’s a great cross training tool, or like Sasha they learn that this could be their newest healthy obsession!

I believe all of my clients are unique and often teach me more than I offer them.  Sasha is an interesting blend of high energy, intense focus and has a way of visualizing exactly what her goals are. For a trainer, that makes my job easy!

Her base of fitness is already on the higher side which can only help her achieve her goals faster and with greater success. She wants to compete in all of Maui’s races, which are mostly downwinders. Her first race was the recent OluKai Ho’olaule’a.  I didn’t get to meet her until the event, and learned that that day was her first time down Maliko!  What a day that was for everyone. And here we are.

When I meet a person like Sasha and I see that fire in her eyes, I feel the need to pull the reigns in ever so gently to be sure she will enjoy every step of the way and not rush the “process” of putting her time in on the water. Nothing can compare to pure paddling time, getting worked and tumbled now and then, as the time spent on the water is the real training ground.  People often ask me how many miles they need to run or cycle to equal number of miles on the water for distance or catching bumps or glides, and I simply say,  “just time on the water.”  There really is no way to measure that.

I asked Sasha a few questions as to why she’s taken with the sport of SUP and I hope it will inspire you to set new goals or maybe enter your first local race.

What is the best health benefit you fill stand up paddling gives you?   Sasha writes, “SUP provides a whole body workout combined with the intimate connection to the ocean that feeds my soul. I appreciate the way SUP has developed endurance in my arms, while at the same time engaging my core and legs. As a collegiate athlete I Continue reading Meet Sasha Maui’s New Stand Up Paddling Strong & Beautiful Talent